Infant Developmental Readiness

Child Enrollment Policy and Procedures

Direct deposit authorization form

Physician Statement for Food Substitution – form for accommodating children with special dietary needs

Residential Child Enrollment Form

Need more information to accommodate children with special dietary needs?

Income Eligibility

Household Eligibility – letter to provider

Household Eligibility – application for provider

Household Eligibility letter – parent-guardian

Household Eligibility – application for parent or guardian

My Plate

Interested in buying reusable plates for the children?  ChooseMyPlate is available for purchase through an outside vendor.  Visit the link below for more information:

ChooseMyPlate – Positive Promotions

Nutrition Information

Crediting Foods Guide

Crediting Store-Bought Combination Baby Foods

2019 Feeding Infants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Fluid Milk and Milk Substitution – Fact Sheet

Food Substitution Chart

Formula/Food Waiver Notification

Infant Meal Pattern – Birth through 11 months

Meal Pattern for Children

Milk and Non-Dairy Milk Substitution Chart

Program Information

Building for the Future brochure

CACFP  Day Care Sponsor and Provider Fact Sheet

Permanent Agreement (between sponsor organization and day care home provider)


Direct deposit authorization form

Links to Other Helpful Websites

Below are some nutrition related websites for your consideration. We list them as possible references and do not claim responsibility for their content.

Fruits and Veggies More Matters – Find loads of information on the nutrition content of each fruit and veggie PLUS recipes and more!  Visit

Nutrition for Kids – Do you want some teaching ideas?  stickers?  visit

Illinois Nutrition Education and Training

American Dietetic Association

National Food Service Management Institute – University of Mississippi
The National Food Service Management Institute offers online classes, lots of recipes, nutrition information plus a monthly newsletter for day care professionals in an easy-to-read format. For more information, visit

USDA Child Care Nutrition Resource – do you need new recipes to excite the children about eating a balanced meal?  Visit

Choose My Plate
Need information now that can change your menu? Visit building a healthy meal or check out 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series or click below to download helpful PDFs on
kid-friendly veggies and fruits
whole grains
smart shopping for veggies and fruit
cutting back on sweet treats
enjoying your food and eating less, a part of the Minute Menu Community

Kids Health from Nemours – Share this site with parents/guardians

An Idea to Share

Fruits and Veggies Bulletin Board

Newsletters published by the Illinois Child Care Bureau


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