Claim Your Menus

An Illinois Child Care Bureau Program Advisor will conduct a review with you to explain all the rules and regulations of the program including how to claim your menus.  CACFP participants are required to record meals/snacks and attendance daily. Meals/snacks must meet the Infant Meal Pattern (ages birth through 11 months) and/or Meal Pattern for Children (ages 1 through 12 years).

Keeping accurate meal and attendance records is simple when claiming online through KidKare by using any device with internet connection — Smart Phone, tablet, or desktop including Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac.  On the first day of the month, review the previous month’s menus and attendance.  If the information is correct and complete, submit your food program claim online via KidKare.  Be sure to submit the claim online by the 5th day of the month to receive your payment by the end of the month.

Example:  Food program claim for September (all September menus and attendance) should be submitted to the ICCB office on October 1 or by the 5th of the month.

Temporarily lose internet access?  You must complete Daily Meal Worksheets.

Per USDA regulations, claims received 60 days past the last day of the claim month will not be reimbursed.

Remember:  USDA requires that all child care providers keep in their possession all CACFP records for the current fiscal year plus the previous 3 years.  Included in these records are all menus, attendance reports (including daily meal worksheets), access to the last 3 reviews, and child enrollments.  The current and previous fiscal year records must be maintained in the day care home.  The prior 2 years of CACFP records can be stored off site, but must be accessible for review if needed.